Past Scholar Profiles

Scholar Profile Fall/2015

Current grade: 10th
Extracurricular activities: Gymnastics, Key Club (to help environment)
Goals: go to college; enter into medical field, maybe an x-ray technician, pediatrician or a surgeon.


Rushawnda stood out to me because her self-motivation beams out of her. Her goals are set straight and she knows what she needs to do in order to be successful in school. Rushawnda has defined what she needs to do to obtain straight As, as she did last year and was rewarded with an iPad from MOSTe. As of now, she is very happy about her grades, is appreciative of her helpful teachers, and strives on her motivation to have a successful future. As we all do, Rushawnda has faced some hindrances in attaining success from her personal life, but she recognizes that her motivation to be successful trumps any obstacle that may be thrown her way. In her family, Rushawnda’s older sister went to Cal State Northridge and is one of Rushawnda’s role models. Next to self-motivation, a key factor for success is support from your parents, and Rushawnda appreciates how strongly her parents believe in her and her future successes.

MOSTe has helped Rushawnda see her own potential by helping her apply– and get into—two elite private schools. Rushawnda’s goals are set high and she challenges herself more than most high school students. As a 10th grader she envisions herself taking AP courses such as biology and in the future, an AP math class.

The second time Rushawnda and I met, I was enthralled by her vision of success and wished I could adopt even a fraction of her motivation. Now, she’s even more productive and does her homework whenever she has free time during school. Rushawnda understands that procrastination is the opposite of what she needs to do and that high school is all time management; if you can balance your studies with your free time, high school wont be as difficult as it seems and will in fact be manageable.

As she distinguishes more of her potential as high school progresses, Rushawnda is more encouraged to take challenging courses and join more extracurricular activities. She has decided that she for sure wants to take AP European history but is still interested in taking AP math in the future. As she thinks more closely at the future, she sees her self at an Ivy league school and sincerely believes that she can get in, which I don’t doubt one bit. With her motivation and MOSTe’s unconditional support, our spotlight scholar will be able to accomplish anything!