Mentor FAQ


Who will I be mentoring?

  • You’ll probably start out mentoring girls at one of 6 our partner middle schools, especially if this is your first mentoring experience.
  • We’ll match you and a team of other professional women with a small group of girls.
  • During the year, you’ll collaborate at workshops and organize occasional field trips, with facilitation assistance from MOSTe staff.

What is the time commitment during the year?

  • We ask that all mentors attend a training session, and participate in at least 6 events during the August-June program year.  See our event calendar for dates.
  • If you cannot attend the scheduled training, please contact us. We’ll work with you to make sure you have all the information you need to get started.

When will I meet the MOSTe scholars?

  • Typically, mentors and scholars first meet at our fall College Symposium event, after the mentors have been accepted and cleared through Live Scan.

When can I schedule my first outing with my MOSTe scholars?

  • First,  you’ll arrange to meet your scholars’ parents and introduce yourself as a MOSTe mentor. They’ll know that their daughters are in the program, and you’ll work together to support their educational success.
  • Make sure the parents give permission for scholars to go out with you. Each time you set up a meeting or event, you must make sure you have parental permission.

Where should I take my scholars? What will they want to do?

  • Every girl is different. For good ideas of fun, low-cost activities that others have enjoyed, check out our Mentor Resources page.

How often should I contact scholars?

  • We ask that you contact your scholars at least once a month (by phone, text, or e-mail) and see them at least once a month. Many mentors do much more, but this is the minimum.

Am I required to go to the workshops?

  • We ask that our team mentors attend at least 4 of our academic workshops, held on Saturdays at USC. See our event calendar for dates.

Am I required to go to the official MOSTe group events?

  • It’s great if you can. The weekend events (usually Saturdays) help broaden our girls’ lives and provide a supportive group setting for mentors and scholars to bond.
  • If you can attend, consider offering to bring girls whose mentors can’t go.
  • If you can’t make an event, encourage your girls to go anyway and help organize transportation for them.

I want to join! How do I become a MOSTe mentor?

To apply, please download and fill out these forms:

  1. Mentor Application
  2. Mentor Agreement
  3. Live Scan Form  – then take this form to a service provider near you and get fingerprinted.  The results will be sent directly to MOSTe by the service provider. Find a nearby location HERE.

Return your completed application to We’ll contact you for an interview.

For more questions, please contact our Mentor/Alumnae/College Coordinator, Katie Merrill: