Using her brain at Lycoming College

One student passes a brain to another.

MOSTe scholar Catherine Juarez observes and studies a human brain, Lycoming College Prep 2015. Catherine is now a proud member of the Lycoming College Class of 2020, and looks forward to serving as a Lycoming College Prep Facilitator (LCPF) this summer, 2017.

Not long ago, MOSTe scholar Catherine Juarez was incredibly thrilled  to attend Lycoming College’s summer College Prep program and get her first taste of college academics.

Fast forward just over a year, and Catherine is a proud member of Lyco’s Class of 2020, about to step up and serve as a Lycoming College Prep Facilitator for a new crop of excited students this July.

Not only did Catherine have a wonderful first year at college, but her hard work produced some impressive results, as noted in this comment from Dean Andrew W. Kilpatrick:

“As a college academic dean, I would never share a student’s grades. Having said that, I would like to acknowledge Lycoming College Prep Facilitators (LCPFs) Catherine, Tanner, and Tom for their OUTSTANDING grades this semester. I am incredibly proud of each of you. Well done!”

All of us at MOSTe agree: Well done, Catherine! We’re so proud of you.