carlaBeing in MOSTE has helped me so much. As a seventh grader in middle school I knew that I wanted to go to college, but I did not know exactly how to get there. Through MOSTE workshops, community service projects, and college fairs and tours I was able to learn how. I remember my homeroom teacher telling me about the program. I applied and I was accepted. My second year I was hesitant and did not apply, however they saw something in me that compelled them to persuade me to join again. I look back at that moment and I am truly grateful. Without MOSTE I would have not considered my current school Franklin and Marshall College.

At the MOSTE Annual College Fair of my junior year I found my dream school. It was Franklin and Marshall College in Pennsylvania. At that point in time it became my ultimate dream school and I had not even visited it yet. That is why I was so excited to apply to visit it through the More MOSTE program that following spring. When I came to visit Franklin and Marshall College I fell in love and decided to apply Early Decision and was accepted December of my senior year.

It is now my freshman year of college. I live in the New College House, which is the newest and grandest dorm. All of my finances are covered. I can ‘live the life’ as an adult without of the responsibilities. Life could never be better.

It is a huge adjustment but I see the potential. I look forward to meeting new people and experiencing what Lancaster has to offer. I hope to be successful and learn about things that truly interest me and that I am passionate about.

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