Santa Barbara College Tour


The week of Veterans Day, we had the opportunity to visit two great colleges north of Los Angeles: UC Santa Barbara and CSU Channel Islands. Not only did we visit these universities, but we also stayed overnight around the area to get a sense of the community. The area is beautiful and peaceful. We felt safe and felt the sense of community, especially at Channel Islands when we saw a phone and textbooks just lying there on a table outside of the dining hall.

The difference between these schools is massive. We had a sense of the difference between a smaller and newer college and a nationally recognized university. At UCSB the wonderful Evelyn and Nadia from the Hermanas Unidas organization gave us a tour of the school and answered our questions. At Channel Islands, Chantyl a Senior, who is the college’s newspaper editor, showed us around the university.

A common theme between these women was that they were all young Hispanic women who have clearly shown success in their college career. These types of women are those that we aspire to become one day, for they are truly inspiring. We thank those who helped us experience this great trip!

Thank You,
Heidi Perez, Heydi Chamale, Maricela Panduro, Vanessa Maceda, Melody Barajas, and Christy Illescas

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