MOSTE’s Seniors Are Rockin’ It!

Many people think that we shut down for the summer and that from Culmination in June to the start of the new school year MOSTE is on vacation. Believe us we are not!

Our vision at MOSTE is to be an agent of positive change and successfully graduate all of our girls from four-year colleges. We are preparing them for professional careers and positions of leadership within their communities and all of this continues throughout the summer.

Most Saturdays throughout the summer we are at USC with our Seniors working on college and scholarship applications, making sure that these young women get to four year colleges.

This year we have 15 girls applying to four year colleges.  On Saturday we covered Individual Academic Plans, how to search and choose a college, what factors to consider when choosing a college, and Financial Aid.

During the workshop, our dedicated More MOSTE team met with each of the girls to discuss their grades and college options. Every scholar is different and we aim to spend time with each of them making sure that their college choices are appropriate and to support them all the way.

We rounded off last Saturday’s Senior session with a College Knowledge Game. One scholar had also baked cupcakes to sell to raise funds to buy her Letterman Jacket. Games, cake, college and fundraising not a bad combination at all!

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