Success from East Coast College Tour sponsored by Southwest Airlines

girlDear Lidia Martinez,

My name is Carla Love. I am a current senior at Ouchi High School. I have been involved with MOSTE for 6 years. Earlier this year I was presented the opportunity to go to the east coast through More MOSTE to visit colleges. I have to thank you for providing the plane tickets for the group.

College tours play an important role in the college search. I got to a point where all the schools sounded too similar on paper. The campuses that I did visit were all beautiful. I wanted to attend all of them. When I visited Franklin & Marshall on this trip however, I knew this was the school for me. I could actually see myself there unlike the other campuses. This image was so profound that it compelled me to early decision which is binding. Earlier last week I was accepted and I will be attending next fall.

I want to thank you for supporting MOSTE. It is an amazing program, and helps girls who do not have the means to go on college tours. However, it needs the support of others to reach its optimal potential. You made it get there. You not only helped me but the other girls as well. We do not have the means to buy plane tickets for the east coast to leisurely visit colleges. What you did was extremely meaningful and will forever be in my memories.

Thank you, Carla Love

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